Our Beginning...

Our Beginning...

Hi there and welcome to our beautiful business of Pokémon cards!

My wife Electra and I (David) have been wanting to start a business of our own the last few years. we finally pulled the trigger on it and thus Gorge Pokeshop LLC was born.

we are starting out with selling Pokémon cards in the English, Japanese, and Korean languages. we also offer gift cards and graded PSA cards.

we want to start there but we want to expand in many different ways.

we'd like to sell plushies and figures too. also want to sell other TCG brands.

if you have any feedback for us in any way, like the website design, the prices of our products, or something we should sell in the future. please let us know. 


with the help and support of our customers we can achieve anything.


we would love to have a physical store one day, but for now its just too expensive.


thanks to all that have purchased from us in the last three days of our grand opening and cheers to the future! 



David and Electra.

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