Bounty Cards!!!

Bounty Cards!!!

Why should you be excited?

The Bounty Card is more than just a chance to win free stuff. It's an opportunity to add a little excitement and joy to your life. Whether you win a small prize or strike it big, the feeling of pulling that card and discovering your bounty is indescribable. It's a rush of adrenaline and anticipation that will make your heart race.

Not only that, but the Bounty Card also supports local businesses. With each purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes back to the community. So not only are you winning, but you're also giving back.

 pull the following cards from the english sets and win an Elite Trainer Box (or 9 packs) for FREE [must be on stream]

Raging Bolt EX from Temporal Forces

Gold Mew EX from 151

Charizard EX from Obsidian Flame

Hisuian Zoroark VStar from Crown Zenith

Gold Galarian Motres V from Brilliant Stars

Great Tusks EX from Scarlet and Violet Base set

Giratina V from Lost Origin

Gengar VMax from Fusion Strike

Shiny Pikachu from Paldean Fates

Gold Mewtwo VStar from Pokemon GO

Lugia V from Silver Tempest

Roaring Moon EX from Paradox Rift

Magikarp from Paldea Evolved


Korean 151 bounty

 pull the following cards from the Japanese or Korean sets and win a Booster Box for FREE [must be on stream]

Magikarp from Triple Beat

Sylveon VMax from Eevee Heroes

Annihilape Ex from Snow Hazard

Charizard EX from Ruler of the Black Flame

Gold Chin-Pao from Shiny Treasures EX

Iono full art from Clay Burst

Lugia V from Paradigm Trigger

Gold Mew EX from 151

Gold Arceus from VStar Universe

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